Children and Teen Programs

Pre-Ballet (ages 4-7) Strengthening of basic
locomotive skills and introduction to the beginning
arm and foot positions of Classical Ballet.

Ballet Level I (ages 7 -11) Introduction to the basic steps and movements of Classical Ballet, while developing strength,  proper body alignment, musicality, and freedom of movement.

Ballet Level II (ages 11-14) Intensive studies of the
Classical Ballet technique for the serious student.
Knowledge and understanding of all steps and movements
are refined and Pointe work begins at this level.

Ballet Level III (ages 14-16) Intermediate level is where students have mastered all of the steps and movements in Classical Ballet and are now working on strengthening their technique and artistry.

Ballet Level IV  (ages 15-18) Advanced level of Classical Ballet. Complete knowledge and understanding of 
the entire Classical Ballet technique.  Tremendous strength is gained at this level as the combinations of steps and movements become more complex and challenging.  

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